House of Comarre


Noble Vampires

Name: Tatiana
Family: House of Tepes
Bio: Crafty, ambitious and a little bit crazy, nothing gets in the way of her goals.
Name: Malkolm Bourreau
Family: House of Tepes, status – anathema
Bio: Tormented, tortured and cursed.
Name: Dominic Scarnato
Family: House of St. Germain, status-anathema
Bio: Owner of the nightclub Seven
Name: Mikkel
Family: House of Bathory
Bio: Tatiana’s willing accomplice


Name: Maris Lapointe
House: Primoris Domus (status – disavowed)
Bio: Owner of Lapointe Cosmetics
Name: Chrysabelle Lapointe
House: Primoris Domus
Bio: Wanted for murder


Name: Fiona
Species: Ghost
Bio: Haunts Mal, hangs with Doc
Name: Delores “Lola” Diaz-White
Species: Human
Bio: Mayor of Paradise City
Name: Doc
Species: Varcolai, cat shifter
Bio: Former employee of Dominic

Name: Katsumi
Species: Fringe vampire
Bio: Works at Seven
Name: Velimai
Species: Wysper fae
Bio: Maris’s assistant