House of Comarre




Paradise City, New Florida

Many years ago, before the Great War, a massive hurricane and small fluctuations in climate change, Paradise City was known as Miami, but in an effort to erase the memories of destruction both natural and man-made, what remained of the city was renamed.

Corvinestri, Romania

One of the five hidden vampire cities that serve as headquarters for the five vampire families, Corvinestri is home to the Tepes family of noble vampires. Within this protected city, humans serve vampires in exchange for a relatively better life. Although it’s said many serve in hopes of being given the ultimate gift: eternal life.

Mal’s Freighter

In one of the abandoned ports of Paradise City sits the rusting heap Mal calls home. The freighter, surrendered to nature like so many other ships when the cost of fuel became too high, still holds many of its containers. Some of which Mal occasionally makes use of.

Primoris Domus

Each hidden vampire city has one – a Primoris Domus where the best comarré money can buy are raised, trained and taught to serve the nobles who will one day hold their blood rights. But not even the nobility really know everything that goes on behind these walls.


With an entrance meant to draw no attention to itself, Seven is a very different place once you step inside. If you can get in. This club, dedicated to the seven deadly sins, caters to mostly vampire clientele, but varcolai, fae and remnants are welcome if they’ve got the cash. Or the willingness to fight in the Pits.