House of Comarre
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The Families


The House of Tepes owes its heritage to Vlad Tepes himself, often considered the father of all vampires. It’s the oldest of all the families and they consider themselves, along with their on-again/off-again allies, the House of Bathory, to be the most powerful. The other families consider both Tepes and Bathory to be the most bloodthirsty. The House of Tepes power is hypnotic persuasion, which works only on humans and other vampires, but it’s regarded as impolite to use one’s power on a peer. Their headquarters are in Corvinestri, Romania.


The House of Bathory’s lines descend from the Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Her infamous appetites have not diminished in her children, who’ve also inherited her powers of black magic. This power makes them among the most dangerous of the families, which is often why the other houses bow to their wishes when they’d rather not. The headquarters for the House of Bathory are in Čachtice, Slovakia.


One of the newest families, the House of Rasputin is perhaps the most reviled by the other families for their power of sight or mind reading. (And sometimes for their propensity for mixing vodka and blood.) Despite the impoliteness of it, few Rasputin nobles refrain from reading the thoughts of those around them. In response most nobles quickly learn to create mental walls when in close proximity to any from this line. The House of Rasputin calls St. Petersburg, Russia its home.


The powers of alchemy, passed on from the founder of this house, Count St. Germain, make these nobles quite adept at coming up with intriguing answers to difficult problems. For some, their skills in alchemy have propelled them to great wealth through the creation of less-than-legal substances. For other nobles of this house, it has positioned them as valuable allies. Their home city of Tesoro, Italy, also provides these nobles with a depth of culture sometimes lacking in their peers.


The House of Paole’s power comes from nothing. That is, their power is that they are completely undetectable by other vampires (or any other creatures) as vampires. This makes them perfect for the very specific job of caedo and as such, they are the only nobles employed in this dubious profession. Their home base is Medvegia, Serbia, but unlike the rest of the families, Paole nobles live wherever they please since their true nature is so concealed.