House of Comarre



Malkolm Bourreau: More about where he came from and his background
Chrysabelle Lapointe: More about her struggles and life as a comarré
Marked For Service:  What being comarré is like
The Path of Least Saneness: Some insight about writing the first book, where the inspiration came from and how it all came about


Sacre: The ceremonial sword issued to all comarré.
Golgotha steel: Not steel at all, but wood from the original Cross, this dagger is the second weapon issued to elite comarré.
Chrysabelle’s bone daggers:
Carved of a very particular kind of bone, these are the daggers she wears strapped to her wrists.


Ring of Sorrows: The object of many a creature’s desire, this ring was crafted by an unknown being to capture the power of…well, that would be telling, now wouldn’t it?